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What is dragon city cheats?

Dragon City cheats is a fascinating hack where you can get free gold and gems. What can you do in dragon city? You can fight against other players in a stadium and see who has the most powerful monsters group. Create a fantastic world full of adventures. Get lots of dragons , reproduce and are all level up remembered as an expert dragon. Teach your own dragons and prepare for war. Present their power by using them in battle with other players all over the world. Have fun with the fantastic game on your phone or tablet and on Facebook as well .

Are you an avid player of dragon city? do you hate having to pay for gems, gold bars, or getting food? if you do, then you are in luck!

Today we are proud to announce our free dragon city cheats. We have been working on this hack for a year now and it took allot of blood, sweat, tears, and dedication. Our program has been tested for bugs and glitches and it currently works 100%. This mean you will not have any issues with our hack for dragon city. Our dragon city hack currently works for facebook version and android version too.

dragon city cheats features

Our tool offers various dragon city cheats. We are also currently working on getting free dragon cheats for dragon city. Some of the dragon city cheat features are:

  •   gold cheat
  •  food cheat
  •  cheat
  • dragon city android cheat 


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dragon city food hack

Our dragon city food hack lets you get as much food as you desire. Just enter how much food you want. You can have up to 9999999 food.

dragon city gem hack

The dragon city gem hack lets you have as many gems as you wish. you can have upwards of 9999999 gems.

dragon city gold hack

this free dragon city gold hack lets you have as much gold bars you want. Hack upwords of 9999999 gold on dragon city.

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